New Program

2008-11-13 11:44:31 by Zero123Music

Intero, very kindly helped me get my hands on a new and professional program and he showed me how to use it!

Thankyou Intero!(He is very good, drop by his page for some awesome music!)
PLUS! My MIDI device is now working, yay!

PLUS! I am trying to purchase a keyboard pedal so my MIDI work is alot more realistic.

So, rate, review and enjoy my music.
'til then, good bye from me,


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2008-11-18 12:54:09

Yeah, some REALLY realistic orchestral stuff. :D
I showed him the program via Teamviewer. ;)

- Intero


2008-12-03 20:35:41

danicos waz here


2008-12-09 09:15:19

Wow! You have an amazin talent, Your music counjoures up some serioly amasing images when you listen to it! Amazing work!


2008-12-09 19:15:39

Say plz And I can give U music 4 free(tha guy with tha glasses and glasses icon when U pm)thats tha face I got now


2008-12-22 19:51:03

With 'You may not leave this place V3', I've got a specific idea for it in mind, but so you don't get jumpy when I release planetoids 3, I'm not going to use it in this animation.
I was originally going to do a trilogy, but it made the third one too quick, so I'm expanding it.
Yours will be...either the fourth or fifth, depending.
(^^) have a nice day.