New Site In Maintenence!

2009-03-22 11:13:23 by Zero123Music

I'm a n00b at HTML and stuff, so here is my best shot! xD

Lots of dead-end links that will be fixed :)


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2009-04-04 14:50:48

Awesome site so far man. Lovin your music :D


2009-04-17 22:54:03

It's not centered? There's basically a huge blank box on the left side - pushing the content to the far right side, making it off center.

(Updated ) Zero123Music responds:

thanks for the help, but wth?

I have no connection or share any comparison with you at all.

thanks for the comment though^^ but I still don't get what you mean.


2009-04-18 02:18:31

Sent you a PM about the website.