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2009-06-20 21:00:37 by Zero123Music

0.) Eternity (Opera Version)
A collab between Jessismith and I - In the opera version she should sing the main violin line.
~Eternity (Orchestrated Version) HERE

1.) Age Of Shurikens (AOS)
--- 8 Tracks Completed
~Beyond The Hills
~Character Creation Theme
~Forest Theme
~Farm Theme
~Cave Theme [1st attempt may or may not be used]
~Cave Theme 2 [will be used]
~Menu Loop

2.) Kinen
--- 6 Tracks Completed
~Battle Theme (Never Give Up)
~Boss Battle Theme (An Unstoppable Beast)
~Aurora's Theme
~Kinen Menu Loop

3.) Terrae - Oblivia
--- 1 Track Completed
~Terrae - Oblivia Opening Theme

4.) Story Of Aegus
--- 0 Tracks Completed

6.) Newgrounds RPG Compilation Album [wyldfyre1 and F-777]
--- 1 Track Completed [1/1]
~The Legendary Juggernaut

7.) Game 3 Music Submissions
--- 2 Tracks Completed
~Menu/Title Screen Entry
~Lobby Theme Entry

8.) Canthos Adventures
--- 1 Track/s Completed
~Canthos Main Theme (Title Screen)
~Canthos Boss Theme (Chase) NEW!

9.) Aj's Volare
--- 1 Track/s Completed
~With The Wind

10.) Portugal Eurovision Contest Submission--- NOTE: I have finished the piece, my computer is broken so I haven't orchestrated it. I am looking for a portuguese singer and a lyricist.

UPDATE: WOOO 100 favs! thankyou ^^ special thanks nickbryant :)

Kinen OST:

Latest News!


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2009-06-20 21:17:00

I HAVE to check out your projects when they're done. Anything that has your music in it is gold. I especially have to check out the Power of Three.

Oh and I'm guessing your piano collab is dead? If it's not, consider this a reminder :P

Zero123Music responds:

I've updated the post :P
sorry about the collab

and thanks alot for the kind words :)


2009-07-04 18:39:06

Long time no see,right?How you been you english bastard!XD

Zero123Music responds:

I've been fine thanks, only bad thing is my damn internet keeps breaking down xD

I hope you have been ok too :)


2009-07-05 11:02:36

(> <)

Zero123Music responds:

cool! :P


2009-07-05 17:31:46

I've been great!Looking forward to your many new hits! I'm too lazy to check!:X

Zero123Music responds:

I'll PM you if I ever make a good song ;)


2009-07-13 02:20:21

PM me too, k? :D


2009-10-23 18:52:28


Zero123Music responds:

hey :)


2009-12-20 03:07:05

I can remember when you first sent me a message and I listened to your first pieces. I remember telling you about FL Studio and giving you advice on composing. And now here you are, composing songs better than my own ten times over! I am amazed at your progress. Continue to improve as a musician. Maybe you'll ge thtat Job at Square one day and I'll be able to say, "I knew that guy back when he was a kid!" :) I have respect for you.

(Updated ) Zero123Music responds:

Thanks alot blaze- we both know I would never be in this position without your help :3

thankyou again - if there is anything you ever need just ask^^

I am no way better than you xD


2010-03-07 08:07:38

As sorry as I am for not using that song you edited for me, I thought I should show you what chapter 3 originally looked like e4af2ba55e6b666842dab81b05dea02
it had your song in it.
though, when I restarted, it was, unfortunately, discarded :/
this is nearly a year ago now, though.

Zero123Music responds:

lol, just thanks for letting me practice working with constraints, it is a valuable skill for composers