2010-07-25 16:50:03 by Zero123Music

uploaded some old tracks that I never uploaded here

Classical music has always been my passion and I hope to return to it in the near future :) under a different account though, don't worry I'llpost here what it is

...or will i??

also, any one who wants to use my tracks for any project go ahead :), you can download them for free here and use them even if you monetise the game/thing just make sure I'm credited [as zero(/123music)]


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2010-10-18 06:44:03

Hey dude, leaving a note to see how your music is going. I'm pretty sure by now you're doing some awesome stuff at the rate you've been going. Let us know when you've got something to share!


2011-01-19 00:06:58

We miss you zero!! Come baaaaaack! :(


2012-04-07 20:28:29

Hey man, long time no chat, wazzap?