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Back From Hols, and what a nice surprise!

2008-11-02 05:53:39 by Zero123Music

Just got back from a week on holiday to find I was 9th!! in the mac8!

I mean it isn't that good but it is an achievement for me.

I remember BlazingDragon was helping me for the mac8 sorrowed tears - and he won 8th I think. And he said it's not bad and I was like OMG I wish I got 8th.

1: Vitasis Menu (Piano) ------------------- Audio
2: Castle Augundus Right Half ---------- Audio
3: Vitasis 1 ------------------------------------- Flash
4: Infiltration Mission [Scene.1] ---------- Audio

Thanks Intero SO MUCH!!

Meanwhile here's a pic of my achievement at 13 years old:

Back From Hols, and what a nice surprise!


2008-10-21 18:36:31 by Zero123Music



2008-10-12 15:17:38 by Zero123Music

In a really peed off state I was in at the time I went on a deleting spree - so lucky you for downloading!

Here is my Zero123Music Intro For Any of my flash :D: _upload.php?id=323091

(for some reason the first time is always delayed)

Check out my myspace for crazy music.
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In the Meantime here is an extract to inspire all you composers out there!

"Be Courageous. Do not be afraid to pursue what you desire. Think 'I want to be a great composer' and 'I want to compose great music' and pursue those dreams. Don't think, 'I'm not talented enough' or, 'I can't compose.' You never know the possibilities unless you try!"

--------------Nobuo Uematsu being interviewed by SquareSound

Yes, I will do it..

2008-09-17 02:44:59 by Zero123Music

Yes, I've done the Full 14 Week! (The Maximum in one week)
---- Meaning 2 every day.

Here is the List:
1. What I've Done [PREVIEW] (Piano)
2. The Inevitable (Piano)
3. The Idol I Never Had (Piano & Flute) [Blood Stains]
4. Medley Of Hope (Piano)
5. Goddess Amira's Theme (Piano)
6. Happiness Resides With You (Piano)
7. Battle Theme
8. Castle Augundus
9. Be Thankful (Piano)
10. Village Of Reese
11. The Council
12. At World's End
13. World Map
14. Evil Waltz

------------- Special Thanks Zedd56

Here is some of the greatest music ever
FFVII - OST Preview

And Finally - A pic of my Long Awaited Scroller! HURRAH!

Yes, I will do it..

Final Fantasy Zero, interested?

2008-09-05 03:33:44 by Zero123Music

Zedd56, a VERY kind person has now provided me with FL Studio full and now i can SAVE!! Finally I can go back and redo a piece and I can have more than an hour to make it.

Thankyou Zedd

On another note;
I have a reasonably good idea of creating a Final Fantasy game. Just like the game boy ones - 2d, sprites, RPG battle system. It should be easy considering today's technology.

Final Fantasy Zero
------------- I thought it was a good idea because they will never actually make this game, and, if anyone wants they could go into minus numbers lol.

But, i've tried and I am bamboozled by the whole concept. As some random guy said, 'Great things require originality and are founded by a single person; while Amazing things require teamwork.'
Please, if anyone can either:
Help me with my RPG,
Offer to take care of the RPG system :-) (a collaborative effort),
Help with the storyline,
Help with the music.. (or maybe a mixture!)
--- Any of the above would REALLY help - thankyou!

oh!, and to take care of the 10MB rule we could release it in discs - leaving a cliff hanger at the end.


Meanwhile here is a screenshot of me working on the Battle Theme;

Final Fantasy Zero, interested?


2008-09-03 16:58:21 by Zero123Music


Yay for FL Studio!! Boo for headphone adapters!!

2008-08-27 09:18:43 by Zero123Music

Piano Collections got a moderately good response, and I have made a few friends from it which is good, but due to my clumsiness I have lost my headphone adapter to my Clavinova and thus Piano Collections is at a stand-still.

But not all hope is lost! I have discovered FL Studio, and my newest pieces shall be made on there.

oh, and Tamadrum
These people need more credit, if you have any spare time, drop by :-)

AND as a reward here are TWO sneak peaks (Full songs)

The City Ruins
AND At World's End

Both pretty sad but cool when you hear the backstory,

>>Zero This picture refers to Either song.

Yay for FL Studio!! Boo for headphone adapters!!

Sibelius is dead... (the program)

2008-07-18 19:54:16 by Zero123Music

My sibelius don't work so i have now realeased

Piano Collections :-D enjoy.